Fortissimo is a short ‘zine showcasing creative experiments and discussion about them.

The creative process itself and its discarded products can be just as, and even sometimes more interesting than the final creation. I wanted to explore, expose and celebrate this.

Fortissimo will be released Bimonthly, and at present is digital-only. If you are interested in a physical version, please let me know!

Submissions for Issue 2 are open until the 10th of July. Please see the block below for info on submitting.

###Issue 1 - June 2018

* **Contents:** * A short prose piece about the horrors of free-to-play mechanics * Attempts at painting * A Ladybird * An exploration of what grabs me about procedural generation * A poem from New Jersey poet, [Ink, "upon delivery"]( * Free ideas!


If you are interested in showcasing your personal experiments or discussing your experimental processes, [drop me a line]("Fortissimo Submission")! Happy to take text, photos, images, whatever form your experiment takes.

Please send me a brief pitch before working your socks off! It only needs to be a line or two about what you are working on and the form it will take.

Accepted submissions will be paid at a rate of US$10 per A5 page filled, although this is open to negotiation.