Excel Saga

Complete Run (Volumes 1 to 27)

Synopsis: Excel Excel (codename), a desperately poor but energetic young lady, ekes out a living in F City with part time jobs, all the while keeping her true allegiances a secret. For, in truth, she is the 2nd in command of ACROSS, a secret society staffed by two people and a dog with grand ambitions to take over the world!

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Volumes 1 to 9

Synopsis: Honoka Takamiya is a milquetoast dude, the sort of character who would be protagonist of a middling dating sim except a little more self-aware of his own mediocrity. Life goes to hell as he enters the orbit of Ayaka Kagari, the amazonian “Princess” of the school. Honoka comes under attack from strange forces, causing Ayaka to step up and shield him, revealing that she is a Witch in the process.

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My Hero Academica

Volumes 1 to 11

Synopsis: Young dork Izuku Midoriya is a boring normal kid in a world drowning in superpowers. Then he meets his idol and is made the inheritor to their power, which sets him on (as the Manga tells us) the path to becoming the world’s greatest hero.

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