Cat + Gamer

(To the tune of the Goldfinger Theme) Cat Gamer!

It turns out the + in the title is important as this is not about a Cat who is a Gamer (boo!) but instead a Gamer Office Lady who adopts a kitten. (yay!)

There is nothing ground-breaking here but this is fun volume of heartwarming little stories about how cats worm their way into your life and heart. Musubi (the cat) is very well depicted throughout both visually and behaviourly. His Human (have forgotten her name already) is a little bit 2D (like the games she plays haha gottem) but is an endearing lady who is happy with her work/life balance and isn’t presented as someone who needs “fixing” with a cat.

Sadly however this series is published by Dark Horse and so is liable to be dropped with zero notice / acknowledgement and is physical only so womp womp.